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Why having good working equipment is not a nice to have

As a software engineer having the right equipment (a powerful machine and high quality peripherals) is not simply a “nice to have” but an essential requirement. These are your main tools with which you’re doing your job - and everyone should want you to do that job as best as possible.

However after some informal and non-representative research I find it remarkable how some companies still try to have their engineers work with ancient equipment that is bloated with useless “essential company software”.

There are so many angles from which to look at the issue but I want to to focus on just one: The happiness of us employees. We all want to get things done as soon and as best as possible. I have never been more frustrated at work than when I wanted to get things done but couldn’t because of some useless restrictions.

Don’t try to lure your people by (just) offering them free food, a company car or laundry service. Give them the best tools money can buy and then get out of their way. You’ll be surprised what they will achieve.

  This article was originally posted at BetterDoc Product Development Blog
Source: https://www.perdian.de/blog/2018/11/05/why-having-good-working-equipment-is-not-a-nice-to-have/